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Typed copy of the Constitution of the La Plata County CowBelles, drawn up on 10 April 1952 and adopted on 17 April 1952. This includes all articles, by-laws, and duties along with hand-written notations.

"I want to share my experiences, what I have learned and what life has meant to me, in other words, a self-portrait in words" -Helen Lee Moberly Stowell, author.

This report is the third of three major parts to be included in a comprehensive planning study for Bayfield Colorado. Funding was provided for the overall project by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to the Western Colorado Rural Communities Program at Ft.…

Origins of geologic place names for Colorado locations.

grad invite.pdf
A program outlining the commencement activities, class members, and speakers for the 1978 Bayfield High School Graduation

The Elders "Nahnpucheu"
A photo album depicting Ute Tribal members

BHS Graduation Commencement Ceremony Program for the class of 1979

grad invite.pdf
BHS Graduation Commencement Ceremony Program for the class of 1978

Heritage Hub Paul Davenport.mp4
The story of Paul Davenport (Mr. Wolverine 1959) as told by himself.

Heritage Hub Joanne McCoy.mp4
The story of Joanne McCoy as told by herself.

A collection of photos, history, and memories of the first 100 years of the Cavalry Presbyterian Church in Bayfield.

Vallecito Dam.jpg
As part of the New Deal, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) cleared the trees in the area for the Dam. The Dam itself was constructed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

"Steel truss bridge constructed over branch of Vallecito Creek at station 261+62 on relocated road."

"Looking at downstream slope of embankment from a point in the old river channel about 600 feet downstream from axis. Slope near the crest of dam has not been graded. Note piezometer well cover at station 11+75 in center of picture."

"Looking downstream at spillway gate structure from station 3/100, 110 feet right of centerline of spillway. (Photographic Point No. 6). Note tar paper panels for protecting concrete at right center."

"Looking along axis toward right abutment from station 0+00, (Photographic point No. 3). Average elevation of embankment in foreground is 7672. Refer to Pine R-383."

"Dragline excavating in Borrow Pit No. 2, station 56+75/12+50. Contractor chose to make two cuts in this area. Not face of first shovel out in background."

"Looking along axis toward left abutment from right bank of spillway (Photographic Point No. 1) Average elevation of fill - 7660. Refer to Pine R-385."

"Looking upstream at spillway gate structure from right side at station 9+27. Refer to Pine R-334."

"Rock excavation for right wall of spillway inlet structure, stations 5/100 to 5/29.89. Note rock slide just above and to right of form at lower left."

"Looking upstream along spillway and outlet channel front point 92 feet right of spillway centerline at station 17+00."

"Looking upstream at spillway from a point approximately 300 feet downstream fro end of structure. Discharge is estimated at 120 second-feet."

"Sheepsfoot roller compacting upstream No. 2 material at station 20/25, 30 feet upstream from dam axis. The moisture content of this material is approximately 1.5% below optimum moisture."

"Close-up showing installation of piezometer tip at station 11+75, 45 feet upstream from axis, elevation 7640."

"Installation of copper tubing for piezometer connections at elevation 7640, station 11+75. Camera is about 53 feet downstream from axis."

"Face of cut in Borrow Pit No. 2, Area No. 2, station 59+75/12+00. Total cut is 21 feet. Layer of glacial till extends from about one foot below surface to about 10 below, and the lower 10 feet is gravel."

"General view of rock quarry. Note large quantity of fragments and spalls at left side after blasting. Refer to Pine R-336."

"Looking toward right abutment from axis station 0+00. (Photographic point No. 3). Note excellent condition of embankment for hauling equipment."

"Screening plant erected by contractor to remove plus 5-inch stones from earth borrow materials."
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