History of The Pine River Library District


History of The Pine River Library District





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Library History


Collection of historical documents and records regarding the history of the Pine River Library.


Jenkin, Rachel


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Warranty Deed Of Farmers & Merchants Bank of Bayfield (1911)
This is a scan of the original Warranty Deed from when the property on which the Farmers & Merchants Bank of Bayfield stand was purchased from Ellis W. and Edna F. Newland. This building housed the original Reading Room that became today's Pine River…

Accession Book January 1996
This is an Accession Book, or record of every book in the Library's possession at the time. This was used to keep an account of the materials held in the building and when and where they were acquired.

Evolution From a Reading Room
Floor plan outlining original and expanded location of the Pine River Library at its beginning.

The Bayfield Public Library<br /><br />
The Founders, The Service<br /><br />
and the Community
A recounting of the Library's history as told by Lavenia McCoy

Transcription of &quot;Brief Library History - Bayfield&quot;
A transcription of "Brief Library History - Bayfield"

Brief Library History
Handwritten timeline of the Library
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